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514 Angry Horses

Nov 26,2018


In 2011 the Mercedes E63 AMG was THE heavy hitter in the world of super sedans. It out powered the BMW M5, made the Audi S6 feel a bit sedate, and it spanked the Holden HSV E-Series into next week. It was insanely powerful and would sting your pocket to the tune $200k. So when you see one with low kilometres and a price tag a quarter of the new price you sit up and pay attention. 

There was a war waging in the 2000s. The big German names of Audi, BMW and Mercedes were trying to out-muscle each other in the growing super sedan market. These were cars that had four doors and all the luxury of a five star hotel but also had Supercar engines that ate up the miles at staggering rates. BMW had the V10 M5, Audi the V10 S6 and Mercedes an all new, normally aspirated 6.2L V8. All were great but the Mercedes E63 AMG was the most powerful and the fastest. The hand-built engine pumps out 514hp and is mated to a 7 speed automatic transmission. It’ll take you from a standstill to 100kph in 4.5 seconds and, if not for the speed limiter, will keep going past 300kph. All of this is accompanied by a V8 symphony of Wagnerian proportions. 

This 2011 example has travelled just 47,000kms and is on sale at just $47,980. If it’s absolute power you want then it’s absolute power you’ll get with this truly epic car. More here.

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