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Fast Bug

Sep 17,2018


Just last week Volkswagen announced they would stop making the Beetle next year meaning a second ending for the iconic German car that started life in 1938. It’s a shame as the ‘new’ Beetle was starting to get really good, like this potent 2014 Turbo.

When the new Beetle was launched in 1997 it was an instant hit and they flew out of showrooms at rate that would’ve made VW bosses very happy. But a few years later the novelty was starting wear off. The cutesy touches like the flower in a vase on the dashboard made it obvious that VW were pitching to women and as a result men stayed right out of it. Then came the retro competition of the new Mini and the Fiat 500, which turned the heads of Beetle devoted women and men were pretty keen, too. Something needed to be done. Enter the “new” new Beetle.

The second generation new Beetle was launched in 2012 and it was sleeker, less cutesy and appealed to both sexes. The engines were better, they drove better and were more comfortable and modern. Basically this Beetle was a whole lot tastier than the one before it and at the top of the range sat the Turbo. This new hot hatch, that still paid its respects to the original Bug, was fast. It was fitted with the 2L turbo engine from the Golf GTi and produced a very un-Beetle like 210hp making it the most pumped up factory Beetle of all-time.

And it’s one of these range topping Beetle Turbos that we have here. This 2014 model has travelled just 16700kms and is fitted with a 6 speed automatic transmission, electronic cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, speed related variable steering assist and a fancy paint job that pays tribute to the 1970s GSR Super-Beetle.

With the end of the Beetle only a year away it’s likely to see a nostalgic resurgence in the coming months and this turbo model will be the one everyone wants. Get it now before somebody else does.

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