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Hybrid with A Difference

Feb 20,2019

Hyrbid, Electric

The most common hybrid cars we see on our roads are the cars, like Toyota’s Prius, that are powered by an electric motor at low speeds, a petrol engine at higher speeds or a combination of both. This Nissan Note e-Power does it differently and is the perfect compromise for those wanting the full electric experience without the constraints of limited range. 

The Nissan Note e-Power has the same electric motor found in the fully electric Leaf, and like the Leaf, this motor provides 100% of the drive. The difference is with the battery, which in the Leaf is big and is charged by plugging it in at home or a charge station. The Note e-Power, however, has a small battery that is charged by a 1200cc petrol engine in the car.

 The result is that the Note has a similar electric driving experience to the Leaf but with the petrol engine doing the charging the Note has a range of as much as 1200km from its 47 litre petrol tank. So range anxiety is not an issue with the Note but it will cost a little bit more with its meagre need for petrol.

The other surprising thing about the Note e-Power is its performance, especially when taking off from a set of traffic lights. Thanks to the torquey electric motor it leaves nearly every other normally powered car for dead and it does it in near silence. And with its regenerative braking you very rarely need to touch the brake pedal.

The Nissan Note e-Power is a nice compromise, giving you real electric car driving with the comfort of knowing you’ve got plenty of range whilst still getting excellent fuel economy. Test drive it, you’ll be impressed. More here.

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