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The Original Godzilla

Jan 11,2019


It’s not often you’ll hear ‘Nissan’, ‘Bargain’ and ‘$48,000’ being used in the same sentence but there it is, we said it. The original Godzilla was an instant classic when it was released in 1989 and prices have been rising like air-cooled Porsches recently. And there’s good reasons why the GT-R is worth so much. 

The GT-R was built to go racing in the Japanese Group A racing series where it was phenomenally successful. It was a hit with buyers and a motoring star was born. It’s full of clever technology for the day and could outsprint more expensive Euros like the BMW M3 and the Porsche 930 Turbo in the 0-100kph race. It’s fast, well built, reliable and surprisingly easy to drive for such a powerful beast.

And this is why prices have been climbing for the best cars. The R32 GT-R is not rare – 44,000 were built - but good, stock, low mileage examples are harder to find and in demand around the world. All are right hand drive but only 6% were painted red like this one making it relatively rare.

The original Godzilla is an automotive icon, a true Japanese classic, and prices will continue to soar. Don’t be that person who says “I could’ve bought one for less than $50k” in 3 years time. Do it now. More details here.

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