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A Muscle Car for the Whole Family

Oct 03,2018


In these times of rising fuel costs this Chrysler 300C Touring might seem like an odd choice as a family car. But while it packs a 5.7L V8 under its expansive hood it does also have a fuel saving trick up its sleeve. This massive V8 can become a V4 when less grunt is required, but at heart it’s a family wagon that doubles as a muscle car. 

In all honesty, if you want a V8, and the rumble that goes with it, then you have to accept that your fuel costs are going to be higher than they would be in a four cylinder Camry or Accord. But to mitigate some of that extra cost Chrysler fitted the 5.7 Hemi V8 with their Multi Displacement system, or MDS for those that prefer acronyms. Basically MDS transforms the 340hp V8 from a binge drinking rugby team into a moderate drinking rugby team by cutting out four of the eight cylinders when they are not needed. And it manages to do this while still keeping the rumble of the V8 intact with the clever use of a special exhaust system. Think of it as a lite beer, binge drinking rugby team.

But before you start thinking that the 300C will be as economical as a Camry then you must remember that all of the eight cylinders will be in use most of the time. Chrysler reckon you can expect to save between 15% – 20%. A saving is a saving and it all helps when petrol is as much as $2.40 a litre.

You may not be saving the planet with this Chrysler but you’ll be getting a big, sexy wagon that goes hard when you need it to and saves just a bit when you don’t. And you’ll be combining your love of muscle cars with your need for a family wagon – result! More here.

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