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When Porsche Turned Air into Water

Jan 18,2019


In 1997 Porsche rocked the lives of 911 officianados the world over by completely redesigning the company’s biggest icon and fitting a water-cooled engine. The new 911 had the internal designation 996 and it’s the only way to get into 911 ownership without selling a kidney or robbing a bank. It was controversial then but it is also very good, and we have this ’98 Carrera for sale right now. 

To many Porsche fans the essence of the 911 was its air-cooled boxer engine. Adding water to the cooling equation was akin to dropping a four cylinder lump into a Mustang. But even with the purists tearing their hair out with rage the 996 quietly went on to sell over 175,000 cars over its 7 year production run and, along with the Boxter, saved Porsche from financial oblivion.

Today the 996 is your best bet to get into 911 ownership without having to win lotto. Air cooled 911 prices have gone completely nuts in recent years - a 993, the 996’s predecessor, will cost you $80k for a similar spec car with less horsepower - but the 996, still tainted by purist anger, remains a bargain in comparison. Eventually that anger will subside as new generations of Porsche lovers see it in a different light. After all, the 996 still does what a 911 should - It’s sexy, fast, exciting and, by supercar standards, reliable. It also retains the iconic 911 shape that makes it the most instantly recognisable sports car in history.

This 996 Carrera is in fantastic condition with low kilometres for its age and that glorious 300hp flat six engine. It’s one of those rare cars that is likely to go up in value in the coming years. Get in now while you can. More details here.

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